donation & sponsorship requests

Quantum Spirits is proud to support our local community and charitable organizations through donations.  Please use this from to submit your donation request.

To submit your request, simply complete the form below. Please submit your request a minimum of 30 days prior to the event date.

Please note that Quantum Spirits does not provide assistance to: 

  • Organizations outside the communities in which we operate

  • Individuals

  • For profit entities

  • Donations for political purposes

  • Religious Organizations

  • Individual groups or teams within a school (e.g., yearbook, athletic teams, band, etc.)

  • Pageants or talent competitions

  • Third parties raising money on behalf of a non-profit

  • Events geared toward individuals under 21

We would like to be able to assist every organization that submits a request, but we receive far more requests than our annual sponsorship budget.  Therefore, if we must decline support of your cause or organization it is in no way a reflection of the organization or the value of its services. 


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