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Imagine what a team of dedicated scientists and engineers can do for your cocktail experience

  • We accurately monitor dozens of individual parameters with hundreds of data points throughout our entire process.

  • Precision and consistency through advanced automation. Technology doesn’t eliminate our craft, it enhances it.

  • We are dedicated to quality in ways larger distilleries concerned with volume are not able to be.

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Rye Vodka
Mash Bill: Rye and Rye Malt

Often referred to as the whiskey drinker’s vodka, our vodka opens with an enticing aroma of dried fruit and pineapple.  On the palate it is incredibly smooth with a slight hint of spice and finishes with a savory caramel note – a flavorful nod from the rye malt.  Quantum Spirits Rye Vodka is sublime on its own and plays well with fruit forward drinks, spicy mixers and sweet liquors. Due to the high purity of our product, it is only chill filtered and frequently surprises tasters with how smooth a vodka can be when served neat.

Where Can I Get Quantum SpiritS?

By the Bottle – The Triple Point Tasting Room

By the Glass – The Pittsburgh Bottleshop Cafe, Bakn, Needle and Pin, Riley's Pour House, Southpointe Golf Club, Red Fox Winery and Lounge, The Crafty Jackalope, Insurrection Ale Works and All Star Sports Bar & Grill