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BRG Old Fashioned

2 oz Quantum Spirits Barrel Rested Gin
¼ oz ancho chile simple syrup
2 dashes angostura bitters
Orange peel


Measure ingredients into mixing glass, fill with ice, stir for 20ish seconds. Pour into rocks glass over king cube. Express the oils from the orange peel over the glass, and rest peel on rim of glass.

Gin & Ginger

1.5 oz Quantum Spirits Barrel Rested Gin
4 oz Q ginger ale
Lemon wheel


Fill rocks glass with ice, pour ingredients in order listed above. Garnish with lemon wheel.

Twig & Berries

2 oz Quantum Spirits Barrel Rested Gin
1 oz unsweetened cranberry juice
½ oz rosemary sage simple syrup
¼ oz lemon juice
Rosemary sprig + blueberries


Measure ingredients into shaker, fill with ice, shake vigorously. Double strain into rocks glass with king cube and garnish with rosemary sprig and blueberries.

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