This is no ordinary distillery because the future is no ordinary place, but one of adventure and exploration.

At Quantum Spirits, we are harnessing the potential of science and technology to reinvent the way spirits are made.

Welcome to the future of craft distilling. 



This journey is just beginning. And while the destination is known only as the future, our mission is simple; to continuously innovate craft spirit production by exploring new technology, new methods and new ingredients. In doing so, we expand the universe of experiences that comes from sharing a really good drink with really good people and understanding the science that made it that way.



“no man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself, or to get all the credit for doing it.”

— Andrew Carnegie

Meet Team Nerd… Ryan, Sarah, Bryan, and Chris.


RYANCo-Founder, Distilling Czar

With a love for science, Ryan has taken his permanent sense of wonder and applied it to the current American Crafts Spirits revolution. Seeking further innovation in distilling, Ryan’s engineering background is leading Quantum Sprits on a new journey to create a consistently better spirit by new quantifiable methods.

SARAHCo-Founder, Director of Organization and Chaos

A curious history geek with a love of design, Sarah is following her passion for exploration into the new age of craft spirits.  Her background in research, database management, and organization brings balance to the business. You’ll often find her experimenting in the kitchen, feverishly cleaning, or sneaking off to play a turn in her favorite PC game, Alpha Centauri.

BRYANPurveyor of Proof

Whether you want to buy a drink, a bottle or a case, talk to Bryan. Heading up our business development team, his experience in sales, retail, and distribution management make him a key player in serving our customers. It also doesn’t hurt that he can make some really tasty cocktails.

CHRISResident Mad Scientist

Some might call him a rocket scientist in distillers clothing as Chris brings both a Ph.D. and an appetite for all things chemistry to our process innovation. Searching to uncover the holy grail of specialized whiskeys and gins with brute force science, Chris has taken his interest in supercomputing, automation and mass spectrometry and aimed it at creating the best spirits possible in the modern world.




Carnegie, PA

Located in Carnegie PA, steeped in over a century of industrialist history, Quantum Spirits is ready to take the ‘Negie into the future of craft distilling for an out of this world experience right here in Pittsburgh.

230 E Main St — Suite 200
Carnegie, PA 15106




Permit lots are OPEN to the public after 5pm
On-street meter parking FREE after 5pm and on the weekends



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